Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pay for what????


I've already paid for "it" during the past 35 years of my professional career.  I paid for it in college as I competed to be at the top of my game to be admitted to a school of medicine. Once t here I paid a little more in tuition, time, sweat, blood and tears and many many sleepless nights as a med student, intern and then resident.  Somewhere in there I paid my dues as a citizen soldier in the United States Navy.  I actually cried the last day of my internship as I looked forward to two years in the service, away from medical training. (and this was during Vietnam.)  My family paid for it too, many hours, days and holidays without "Dad". I paid for it with loss of sleep and a pittance for payment as a trainee.  I paid for it with loans, which really were a poor investment and financial choice as it turns out.  I would have been far better off if I had gone into business at age 20 and started saving money early on.

My first marriage paid the ultimate price....a divorce.....

And let me not forget the annual dues for medical licensure, medical societies (3) a specialty society or two, malpractice at about 10,000 per annum adds up to about 350,000 dollars.

Well, as  physicians I have not paid more or less than my compatriots, so what more can we pay?  Except to pay attention to the idiots that come up with these foolish "games".

So they want to pay me for performance....well buddy you have had my performance .....

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