Saturday, September 1, 2007

The View from Here

Okay, so the title is borrowed from "As Seen From  Here", a wonderful podcast for ophthalmologists. 3 years ago, or more when it was started by Josh Young MD from NYU School of Medicine is was a " pioneer" and alone on the internet.

So, "The View from Here" will serve for the purposes of this blog, and seems aptly descriptive from an ophthalmologist's point of view.  Here I will profoundly exfoliate my experiences with patients and other ophtho's who will remain unamed. Suffice it to say I hope they will read my blog and realize "to forgive is divine", however it does not mean I have forgotten.

Fortunately for me my IOP is not effected by emotional schtick .(did I spell that  right?)

I know I must be alone, in that none of these things could possibly have happened to anyone else. (it must be me). My spouse is certainly fed up with hearing this, but suffers the outcomes.

Here are the servings which will be served up over the next seveal months.

1. Managed care and how wonderful it was for my practice

2. My friends and colleagues: (competitors)

3. When a contract is really not a contract.

4. I have a really attractive offer for you (you will like it)

5. Here is the envelope, give me your key and the boxes with your personal goods

6. I am sorry your spouse is so ill. Why don't  you put her in a convalescent home so you can be here to work over the lunch hour, instead of going home to feed the kids and give her some support while she care for three kids, one of who has cystic fibrosis.

7. Your stuff in the boxes outside the door, give me your key to the office.

8. The waters are rising doc, but I have never seen it go past that telephone pole......gurgle gurgle gurgle

9. I know our agreement is less than two months old, but my laser company just went bankrupt, so I have to give up refractive laser surgery and I need all the patients.

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Alijor said...

This sounds like fun! I'd love to hear an ophthalmologists point of view! I really feel like no one listens to doctors, or even patients, enough in healthcare- which is crazy because they are the ones that matter.

Anyway, welcome to the blogsphere, and to Trusted, MD. You promise some great posts, so I'd like to link up to you. What do you think?