Monday, October 20, 2008

Brave New Nano-World

Daniel McCabe | In the classic film, The Graduate, Benjamin Braddock, fresh from ending his university studies, is taken aside by Mr. McGuire. "I just want to say one word to you — just one word," McGuire tells him. "Plastics. There's a great future in plastics."

If a worldly medical scientist came upon a contemporary version of Braddock today, he might utter, "Just one word. Bioinformatics. There's a great future in bioinformatics."

This was a statement made in 2000 published in The McGill Reporter during the building of the McGill Center for Bioinformatics..

During the ensuing 8 years their prescience is obvious.

First came plastics, then came genetics, along with the personal computer, then the internet...Today's futurists would say " nanotechnology and the 'buckeyball'.


For those geeks and ubernerds this link will help.

The chemistry and science are well established producing and using this light year advance in composite material. It is already being used in manufacturing smart clothing, food safety, blood sugar sensing contact lenses, appliances, golf balls and golf clubs. Future use will include drug manufacturing, eco cleanups, airplane construction, and automobiles. The material is very light weight, conducts electricity  the list paralells and expands on current technology

In Medicine

Diagnostics-lab on a chip -  DNA on gold particles


Drug delivery, NEMS ,


Electrical - nanobatteries, novel semiconductors, novel optoelectronics, and much more

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