Tuesday, October 14, 2008

God Bless and Help America.....please??


Tomorrow is the last debate between Senator McCain and Senator Obama.  The topics and answers are neither Republican nor Democratic issues.  Rather they are American issues, and yes this election is an important one. It comes on the heels of a long conflict in Iraq with potential for another long term military commitment in Afghanistan. 

It comes immediately upon the worst stock market crash and debt crisis for the United States, as well as other countries....So tied in with the global economy now, other countries reacted swifter than the U.S. in stemming similar problems as they shored up their financial networks with government guarrantees for three years.

With each debate I am less inclined to support either of these candidates.  I can sum it up simply....I don't trust either of these people with my children's and grandchildren's lives. 

Obama talks a good talk, and is hypnotic...a bit like a german dictator who hypnotizes with oratory and grand social programs to relieve the plight of the downtrodden. (and more of us are produced each day)( I am tired of his 'race' card. ) His rantings and his associates rantings (John Lewis) are the only racial issues in this contest....This is an equal opportunity election.

McCain fails to inspire, in fact he puts me to sleep, (I was expecting much more)which in itself is surprising given his personal  tragedies serving our country.  He has nothing to gain personally by investing whatever life time he has in leading our country.  His party is not credible due to the past six years. McCain does not appeal to the downtrodden.....he does not even speak about them.  No grand social programs, nor health programs other than shifting taxes and writing another chapter in the U.S. Tax codes.....


Personally I don't need to analyze this election any further. Our country has depleted it's economic wealth.....


I believe it was Warren Buffet who stated that ....We have spent about 8% more than we made each year during the past twenty years....an economy based upon credit... So we are saving ourselves by borrowing more for the next thirty years.  Heaven help the next three American generations.   

It doesn't matter who is elected...those are the facts, Republican or Democrat....it is we who screwed up...don't blame it on the politicians.

It is frankly going to be up to Congress, no matter who is President, and judging from the present institutions, it is very scary.

If the Democrats and Obama prevail we will have the perfect storm, a triumvirate of Obama, Pelosi and Reid. 


God bless America (and God help us, too)

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