Friday, October 31, 2008

McCain brings on The Terminator

We interrupt this campaign to bring you a special message from the Terminator....he arrived today in Ohio, seeming to materialize from air just as he did in his classic terminator series, to protect John McCain as he did for "John Connor".


Arnold should have also been called " The Communicator". John McCain probably wishes Arnold had been on the campaign trail with him.  Arnold however has been busy with financial crises of his own in the largest state in the nation.

Ohio is critical to McCain prevailing.  Governor Schwarznegger brought with him the credibility and political persuasion from his background as an immigrant  from a 'socialized' Europe. His story of self reliance, success and the freedom to suceed bounced off the crowd with cheers.  His very own experience in overturning a failed governor in California in a rare recall election, and then his re-election as Governor tells a vivid story. "John McCain spent more time as a POW in a prison camp than Barak Obama has spent in the senate.

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