Thursday, November 3, 2011

Occupy Oakland

It’s interesting that the peaceful Occupy Wall Street marches are 90% peaceful until we get to Oakland California.  Oakland gets the bad rap ever since the days of our ‘Peacekeeping” role in Vietnam when anti-war protestors created furor over the U.S. involvement in East Asia.

Oakland Demonstrators

Yesterday the occupiers disrupted the maritime industry when the port of Oakland had to be shut down, and it was pointed out that Oakland is the fifth busiest port in the United States, and millions of dollars and losses were at stake, and that maritime workers were at risk. (Aren’t those the people for whom the occupiers are demonstrating?)   It would seem the maritime workers would throw down their cargo containers and joint the movement in solidarity. 

Or is it the management and investors, corporate fat cats who complained. The news seemed to be entirely against the occupy wall street movement as long as they can go on with their game, but if it disrupts their economic gains, the movement becomes intolerable. The shipping industry must be thriving since we ship lot’s of things to China, and they ship lots of things to us since our balance of trade is do imbalanced, to say nothing of how much debt we owe China.

Occupy Protesters Disavow Oakland Violence

Meanwhile the Occupy Wall Street (ers) disavowed any forms of violence in their efforts, following the violence in Oakland and disruption of the Oakland Port. 

Let’s hope the next step will not be a march at Kent State in Ohio. Those Ohio National Guardsmen need some more target practice. Oh I forgot times have changed….they can re-task a Predator and the ‘boys’ in Nevada can help our local police forces.

I am certain President Obama would not mind ignoring our constitutional protections to use our defense department against the people.

How stupid of me to talk this way….I must be getting senile.  I should never have retired. I have too much time to think and write….my spouse says I should run for the senate. Are you kidding? My columns and blogs are more powerful than any elected position.

  Occupy Air Force One !! 

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