Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Did President Trump Just Save Western Civilization?

My mind has been busy analyzing the UNpredictable actions of Donald Trump.

It should be no surprise to you Donald Trump grew up as a CEO of an enterprise.  His mantra is take charge and own your decisions.  CEOs report to their Board of Directors and must inevitably satisfy them and the shareholders. Shareholders like dividends,  from profits.  Enough said?  The U.S.A. by any financial analysis is in debt by  20 trillion dollars.  How much are our assets ?  Accountants will tell us that our net worth is the amount of assets less our liabilities (debt). Are you getting the picture?

The mainstream media spent the weekend lying about President Donald Trump instituting a Muslim ban, lying about the contents of the recent executive order, lying about those impacted by the new guidelines and lying about why seven specific countries were included in the travel restrictions.

President Trump was painted as a monster for placing a temporary ban on accepting Syrian refugees - while other world leaders bent over backwards to virtue signal and express their willingness to destabilize their countries.

While the mainstream media, politicians, corporations and Hollywood celebrities were virtue signaling - President Trump made a few phone calls and may have just saved Western Civilization

The financial facts are outlined in this You Tube Video by Stefan Molyneux, the voice of Freedom Radio.

Trump has the integrity to lead, and not follow.  The media only reports part of the story choosing to focus on the headline rather than the meat of the story.  Hence the great outcry when 500 . or so regugees and Visa card holders were temporarily held from entering  OUR country. They were individually vetted and those who cleared were allowed admission to our free country.  Freedom cannot endure without order and a plan. Yes, many were inconvenienced.  Trump has our attention, and hopefully those who sit on the couch never questioning, nor participating in the American experiment will wake up.  It will take some time to filter the swamp.

Trump is the ultimate negotiator. He leads with a high price from which he can afford to offer relief when the other side contributes to the deal.

Mr. Molyneux has given me great hope with his knowledge and explanation of what Donald Trump was up to this past week, while women were marching (by the way that march was planned months ago as a victory parade for the defeated Hillary Clinton,  not as an anti-trump protest)

DISCLAIMER:  I am not an avid supporter

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