Thursday, May 8, 2008

60th Israeli Anniversary


Perhaps it is obvious to all but Hammas, Hezbolllah and the Palestinians that Israel is not about to "go away".  Israel remains the pre-eminent power in the Middle East.  The elimination of Sadaam Hussein and Iraq as a significant military force in the middle east is a strategic blow against those who are obsessed with the destruction of Israel and the Jewish People.

Israel already has signed treaties with other Arab Nations.

Hammas, Hezbollah and the terrorist segment of the Palestinians are their own worst enemies.  They haven't quite figured out they are not going to entirely get their way in matters pertaining to Israeli's existence.

Despite what we hear and read about insurgency in Iraq, for all intent and purposes Iraq has been blown back to the 'stone age'.

The war in Iraq was actually a strategic move, about oil and the guarranteed survival of Israel.  Needless to say, one wrong move by Iran, be it an aggressive move toward Israel, the acquisition of nuclear power, will result in Iran's destruction as well.

Make no mistake about it, the United States, nor the European Union, nor many other nations will risk the fall of Israel.

If those who oppose Israel cannot see how the United States reacted to an invasion of another Arab country (Kuwait), then they are foolish not to admit what would happen if Israel is seriously threatened.

The presence of a significant "peace-keeping" force in Iraq for years to come is justified given the Iran situtation. 


Whoever dislikes Israel and Jews can eat their own hearts out.