Saturday, October 18, 2008

Colin Powell....Where has he been?

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Colin Powell rocks at the Hip-Hop Festival

The buzz this weekend was the announcement that Colin Powell would come out of his undisclosed location to make an important announcement...This seems to have created more excitement than the three debates put together and Sarah Palin coming out of her igloo to run for vice-President.

What is Colin going to announce?  Here are the questions.

Will he run as a third party candidate?

Will he endorse one of the candidates?

On this Sunday morning I awoke early, my mind whirring about this coming event. 

Colin Powell is one of the many that have left George Bush's right side.  Mr Bush's plan to leave no child behind didn't factor in the rest of the adult population. 

Our economy and perhaps our way of life is and will suffer for the forseeable future.

And it is not all George's fault, some of it belongs to the federal reserve board, and the oversight committee's of the U.S. Congress.

A significant number of Americans judge their worthiness by what others tell them what is worthy.  Common sense does not prevail.

A good part of our technology and sophistication is useless in the face of unemployment fueled by outsourcing, and being coming so efficient. The bottom line is what is the sense of being so efficient when so many are unemployed and we allow illegal immigrants to enter the country.  What  ever happened to public service....young people doing these jobs.  We call them menial, why? Because they pay low wages.  Why are young people leaving their homes for a  'better life'?

Not only is our economy in the toilet and out of balance, but so is our general way of life and the values that we have accepted.

Financial coercion is a real thing in our country..Although we appear to have a lot of material things and money it has enslaved our thought processes..The candidates do not speak to the germ of the problem.

Look in the mirror....there is the person responsible for some of the mess.

America is looking for 'the hero' to save us from ourselves. The 20 or so candidates that dropped out of the race due to less funding that others speaks a great tale.  The only one who ignored those limitations was John McCain.  In his prison cell it mattered not a smidgen he had no money or possessions He did not even know if he would survive.  Hhis one trump card...his father's high position in the military meant nothing to him in the face of honor, duty, courage, commitment and ETHICS.

PHILADELPHIA — Senator Barack Obama is days away from breaking the advertising spending record set by President Bush in the general election four years ago, having unleashed an advertising campaign of a scale and complexity unrivaled in the television era.


Who is more credible,  McCain or Obama.....the record clearly shows.  I'm not going to tell figure it out, and if you are wrong...????

Let me say categorically that I am proud that a black American, such as Barak Obama is running for President just 40 years after the events of the civil rights movement.  He stands on the shoulders of many great Americans such as Martin Luther King, and John F. Kennedy.

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