Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Title is at the End of the Article

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I always wait to do my  title until I have finished my  writing. I find that often my writing drifts away from my title, and it would be better served until the end.

Following last night's debate I had a severe headache...image It is apparent that neither candidate gets the whole problem.

It's hard to believe that people do not see Obama for what he proposes.  ie  Our IRS and tax system is not designed to provide necessary things, such as roads, infrastructure, defense, or encourage commerce, but to PUNISH those who are successful, and be an "equalizer" to redistribute what some people call wealth.

Why should we allow our government to decide for us where we should allocate our earnings?  Originally when our country was founded it was established with  the idea of eliminating class warfare and a disparity of rich from poor.  It was intended to be an egalitarian society....We have drifted far from that proposition.


At one point in our history Obama's rhetoric would have been considered communist...not even socialistic.  Perhaps now that the cold war is supposedly over, this is more politically correct, however look at Cuba, Venezuela and the other remnants of this misguided ideal. 

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer is a common thought process for the "oppressed". image In reality in an egalitarian society the poor should benefit from the 'rich' providing opportunity for those with lower incomes. 

Our tax structure interrupts this process...the butterfly effect, or the the law of unintended consequences takes over.

When tax rates are raised for the rich, the rich get smarter...they can afford to hire accountants, attorneys, and manipulate their figures to reduce their taxes.  Often when taxes are increased for this group, the actual revenues to the government diminish. These "wealthy" people such as Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and thousands of others actually have their money in assets that are not taxable until they are cashed out and then taxed as capital gains. It does not contribute to government revenues as long as it remains sequestered.  Yet these rich people are able to capitalize it with loans based on this as an asset.

For the common man a tax increase is more devastating.they have neither the knowledge, nor ability to hire accountants and tax lawyer to defend themselves.

My fundamental belief is the government has the obligation to tax us to run the necessary government, and my obligation is to do everything possible to avoid those taxes. It's a balancing act.

If you remove the balalnce and cannot control who, where, what, or when my income is alloted the system goes bonkers...

The Title  is   THEY JUST DON'T GET IT

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