Thursday, December 22, 2011

SOPA Internet Hijacking


A little known story exists about the people behind SOPA and their fight to curtail internet sharing of artist’s work. Here is the true story as reported by Michael Mozart (investigative video journalist) on Google Plus.

SOPA The true Story

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The very people initiating SOPA are the ones who encouraged “piracy” marketed the products, such as LimeWire, Kazaa, LuckyWire and other bit torrent platforms to ‘download’ the artist’s intellectual property. Also little known is the fact that LimeWire reportedly paid CBS for the rights to the music files.

C-Net is a subsidiary of CBS Interactive, and supplied the peer-to-peer software such as Kazaa.

CBS and C-Net actually are the ones who ‘threw the music industry under the bus”.

Michael Mozart had documented all of these statements in his video and that of VIACON’s video.

After you have read all of this and have seen the video, and you would like to oppose this proposed law;

Class Action Suit against C-net, CBS interactive

The View From Here hopes you will join this lawsuit to retain freedom on the internet and ban censorship.

While the “Entertainment” and Music Industry

The EFF (Electronic Freedom Foundation) is more important than ever.


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