Monday, September 17, 2012



The incidents which have occurred in the middle east this past two weeks cause me great concern because I don’t think the public is being given the entire story.

The youtube video only became widely known when the media brought it to everyone’s attention.

It certainly was not a viral video until it was announced by our government as the cause for widespread violent demonstrations which also coincidentally caused the death of an ambassador and other diplomats.

How was it that unrest ‘spontaneously’ erupted in at least four countries, or was that already an ongoing occurrence even before the suspect YouTube video was online?

These demonstrations were not spontaneous, they were orchestrated, and the powers that be in the middle east certainly had time to ‘vette’ the videos and knew it was not official US government opinion…….They also know that the U.S. does not censor free speech.

How was it that Ambassador Stevens was in a small consulate in BenGazi. Most likely the perpetrators knew very well he was there. He was specifically targetted despite what President Obama and Secretary Hilton said.  Imagine the parents and relatives being told by our leaders their children, and husbands died because of a YouTube video.

My personal opinion is that the state department knew of the unrest several days before the violent outbreak.  Furthermore they were negligent by not reinforcing all our embassies months ago during the upheavals in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, etc.

This points out how naïve and unskilled President Obama is in foreign affairs and national defense.

His only ‘pseudo-claim to fame is the assassination of Obama Bin-Laden, for which the real credit goes to GWB and his leadership and team of special ops funded and carried out by the CIA and their charges.  The hard work was done by Obama’s predecessors.

We are in dangerous times, a fact that Obama ignores, missing NSA briefings, to attend political campaign events.  The more he campaigns the less likely he will be elected. 

We are paying him to defend the country, obey and defend our constitution and follow due process. 

Where has he suceeded in those duties?

Another struggle I have is why he received the Nobel Peace Prize? What did he tell the leaders in the middle east to portray he deserved a peace prize.  And more important what has he not delivered to earn the escalating disrespect he has earned from the middle east.  Did he mislead those leaders and we are now paying the price?

There are many ‘dots’ that intelligent (and not so intelligent) people should be connecting.

There is much more to this story of possible deceit, mis-representation and evidence that Mr. Obama misled the Muslim world and the Palestinians by his remarks to Benjamin Netanyahu, about Israeli borders, who unabashedly dressed down our President, who looked like a kid caught with his hands in the cookie jar.

For the Obama fans….you have been and are being duped. (personal opinion). Let my readers be their own judge on this matter.

What’s your opinion.

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