Saturday, June 28, 2014

North Korean Capitalism and the Black Market Entrejpeneur

  A little known story about a 13 year old girl who became an entrepeneur in North Korea.  You have to read this, and share it widely, please.The story alsoo explains how North Korea has famines, and how a thriving black market exists, even without much currency.  North Korea changed all it's currency in the 1990s, and only would allow each person $40.00.  The economy collapsed, and the people survived by bartering.  Please + and share widely on twitter, FB, and G+ as well as Reddit, Digg. and delicious.Despite the crushing regulations and socialism in our country and redistribution of wealth, the free market will never be crushed. Our freedoms are precious, and only those who have lived under tyranny know this fact.  Freedom does not exist without effort and cost

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