Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Barak Obama, The Candidate??

Mr Romney, what you must do to win the election.

1. Go on the attack and point out what Obama has not done.

2. Ask him how dares to ignore our constitution, circumvent due process and congressional approval for his actions. Popular opinion is that the majority of people do not like the trend he sets forth or his ignoring the law of the land. Why does he say one thing and then not live up to his sworn oath to defend the Constitution of The United States?

3. Emphasize how you will reform PPACA because it oversteps the boundaries for HHS and the executive branch in terms of jurisdiction over private non governmental health care.

4. Ask him how he intends to rejuvenate private enterprise, other than reducing taxes.

5. Who is in his administration that is credentialed in business matters and why would he give such broad powers to the Sec’y of HHS who has no previous record in health matters.

6. How does he intend to pay our national debt ?

7. Ask him why is he away campaigning during the middle east crisis? Aren’t we paying him to make foreign policy decisions. And why is he absent from NSA briefings?

8. Why did he lie or completely miss the causes of the recent mid-east terror incidents?


9. Use the first debate to point out his ‘social changes’ are anti-American. Ignore his questions and accusations. Take the Benjamin Netanyahu approach and lecture him, as well as treating him as an incompetent leader fit only brainwash the unemployed, disabled and less fortunate citizens of the U.S.


10. Reserve your plans for the second and third debates. Leave the electorate with positive feeelings about you and the GOP

11. Set some priorities to speak and have dinners with leaders of the minorities and invite ordinary citizens to your talks, ones that you do not expect donations from due to their limited resources.


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