Friday, July 25, 2014

Signature Events for President Barak Obama

Pundits have labelled the Affordable Care Act as the  'Signature Event" of President Obama's terms in office.

However the events of Benghazi, Ukraine, the Middle East Crises, the withdrawal of American power from the geopolitical stage are even greater events.  Rather than policy of action it has been a policy of non-reaction.

President Obama's  inattention to decaying trust, faith and lack of openness and  transparency by the Democratic party and the potential loss of control of both the  Senate and the House of Representative created a strong possibility of repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Moreover he spends more time  railing at the GOP and speaks in a 'mild-mannered' approach to the Russian Federation annexing Crimea and it's support of Ukrainian rebels in Eastern Ukraine. This threatens to re-write the map of Europe. The triggering event may well have been NATO and the Euro Zone's interest in the Ukraine's energy supplies of gas and oil to fuel Europe's appetite for fossil fuels.

Obama' strength has been his knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and his ability to circumvent it's civil protections and the balance of power in the triumvirate of American government.

His approach to Israel is less than neutral considering the overwhelming challenge facing Israel.  He gives lip service to our support of Israel, other than supplying hardware and support for the "Iron Dome".  Even while the world looks on to evaluate who is at fault with some blaming Hamas and some blaming Israel, American power is missing in the middle east, as well as Iraq and Afghanistan.

With the threat of Islamic recalcitrant behavior and it's xenophobia toward non-muslims we witness more support for Israel from the Christian community.  The reality is now apparent that first they will come for Israel and then  world Christianity.

Christianity has offered the world a peaceful evangelical approach to faith.  Islamic fundamentalists carry a big  stick eliminating Judaism and Christianity with ethnic cleansing, savagery and tyrannical oppression.  Not only in the middle east, but also in Indonesia, and Northern Africa Islamic fundamentalism moves ahead with the power of machetes, massacres, kidnappings.

Where is  Obama's outrage ?  Perhaps he has been in the sun playing golf too often.

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