Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Where are the "Faith Based Organizations" (Churches) now ?

What are semantics?    Illegal aliens   Undocumented aliens   Refugees  or Persons without a country

If I were an extraterrestrial alien how would I be classified ?  Interplanetary refugee  Intergalactic invader   Visitor from outerspace

The lack of correctly identifying who is crossing our borders is a major block in the process of assimilating worthwhile human treasure.

The problem again demonstrates the inability of a large central government to deal with regional issues either because of lack of interest or true inability to grasp a problem and react in time to thwart further problems due to inattention, lack of interest or inability.

Government is never creative and takes creativity from it's biggest resource...the people and their private and non-profit organizations. National government assimilates smaller ogranizations and governmental departments by assimilating them into larger disparate organizations usually based upon funding and budgetary constrictions.

Despite the organization of large cohesive and comprehensive planning such as the Department of Homeland Security the mission may be set forth, however it's operation is soon abandoned by neglect, lack of visibility (once the crisis has ended) or death by financial asphyxiation as we move on to the next crisis.

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