Saturday, January 31, 2015

Government and corporation - unethical and hypocritical actions

Perspectives on Government:

by Sabatini Monatesti  (ES Enterprises)  

Has it become time for a REBOOT ?

We believe that persons in responsible positions are legally bound to do no harm[v], and support the Constitution[vi], but they knowingly act out of their free will to win at all cost believing that their needs and ideological ends[vii] justify their means[viii]. Their works contribute to the destruction of society because their unethical and hypocritical actions speak louder than their words, and many imitate these actions[ix]. It appears that government and corporations support the attitude of aloofness of citizen needs and an ethic that espouses that it is ok to get my share of the economic, power and control pie at any cost[x], even if I need to step over someone else to get it, while I bypass the needs of the underprivileged and the poor. Are these actions sinful[xi]?

Like the king of England prior to the revolution, those in power in England did not care that the colonials were having a difficult time, they just wanted to manipulate and tax the citizens living in the Americas to meet their wants[xii]. The Romans did the same thing to their empire of people 2000 years ago[xiii]. The English believed that the citizen in the Americas did not deserve the fruit of their labors because their purpose was to serve the king. The English elite, in power in the 1700s, believed they were above reproach, entrenched in power, money and position. John Hancock wrote in large letters so that the king and his court could see who was signing the Government and corporation - unethical and hypocritical actions Jefferson wrote[xiv] that the citizen’s principles of their faith bound them to remove a government that was not responsive to the needs of the governed, i.e., the oppressors should be overthrown. Does the situation of the 1700s describe the condition of the citizen in the US today[xv]?
Have we, the US citizen, come to a point in our history where we must cleanse our Temple[xvi], i.e., those in positions of responsibility who continue to ignore the needs of the citizen. We are very fortunate; we live in a representative democracy.........more
Maybe it is time for a third political party. A party of and for the governed and maybe we should call it the Independents Party[xxii]

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