Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hillary Clinton

Need anyone say more?  Once the aggrieved spurned spouse of  Bill Clinton, most felt some sort of sympathy toward her when Monica Lewinsky assumed her wifely duties at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Hillary however has never been willing to 'get down' on her knees literally or figuratively. She always worked from the rear behind her man.  Perhaps this was another figurative way of saying she has been an ass kisser most of her life, to get where she wanted to be.  

I began to suspect these two Clintons of wanton ways when I read about the mysterious 'suicide death of Vince Foster, white house counsel who had coincidentally been subpoenaed to testify before Congress. shortly after the Whitewatergate became a new buzzword dating from a real estate deal in Arkansas when the two were young pups running Arkansas.  Was the potential witness 'neutralized'

Consider the uncanny resemblance here.  Accidental, or planned conciously or unconsciously as an "Untouchable", Hillary seems to be  among some supporters in the Democratic Party.  No one as yet in the party has come out in public as against her running for   President of the United States.  After all what is to gain at this early date, while other pubicly or surreptitiously prepare for the race.

Many suspect that party faithful have gained their positions fo pseudo-power as her supporters and are in fear of what will happen to their livlihoods, and possibly more by 'outing' Hillary.

Many occurences put the American Public at Defcon 6 by her State Department shenanigans,  in Benghazi In additon to her complete lack of humility over the deaths of four men, and damage to wives and children her answer to the questions was 'Four Americans are dead, what's the difference"  The difference Hillary is that you are an emotionless cold hearted unfeeling fake. The women who believed in her to become the first lady to break the glass ceiling  (with her hard head) have been blindly following and supporting her to have a female in our White House.

Some are so ennured to the Clintons that a supporter financed the Clintons at a time when she admittedly was insolvent.  It was not an inexpensive home in a non-descript neighborhood, rather in Chapaqua, N.Y. a very upscale area of privelege for the 1%.  There went that neighborhood.  The Clintons then attempted to sponsored a wing-ding for non other than Mohamar Qadafi (late) who brought along his one entourage, tent and all. Fitting for him as he was born in a Bedouin tent.  (watch the video below)

Qadafi's Tent Gathering

 Located 13 miles from Chappaqua NY in another tony residential area for the 1%, in Bedford, NY the temporary tent was built on Donald Trump Land (another possible Presidential Candidate). You can be sure the "Donald" leased the land for a substantial amount of money for a one week stand. There must have been some oil in the deal.  Qadafi countered by killing several hundred people in shooting down Pan Am's flight over 

The relatively small berg of Bedford filed a legal  suit and forced the up and coming tent to be torn down.

Never under-estimate Hillary Clinton....she knows something we don't know.....55,000 emails.

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