Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Google + Haters

Those reports of Google +s death are premature.  It is still a very active social media presence despite the dooms day emanations from the disenfranchised social media FBers, Tweeps and others.

It should never have been promoted as an alternative or competitor with Facebook. It is common knowledge the first developer of technology, be it software or hardware dominates the space.

Yes Facebook is a giant in the social media niche, far surpassing G + and all  others for that matter. The leadership at Google is not afraid to fail. Google is not to be judge for it's failures. It remains at the forefront of search, so much so that the EU is now considering an anti-trust action again Larry Paige's offspring.  Some well known executives have left, but probably not from dissatisfaction with Google.

In most industries executives have short lives, take Hewlitt-Packard, IBM, Microsoft, Apple and many not IT industries.  The head of  Proctor and Gamble defected and went to work with the Veterans Administration. This hardly seems like a promotion leaving a very successful and stable consumer driven company that has been in existence for decades, constantly growing both in volume and in stock market capitalization.

Facebook has been in existence far longer than Google +.It is a bit like buying new software, the new one may be better but it is hard to transition to a new work flow.

I was never  a user of Facebook before Google +.  I still use both.  Users of Faceook are faced with a conundrum..Do they build a new social media network ?  Do they learn a new system ?  Many are dissatisfied with Microsoft upgrades. Simple is good. Unless there is a marked advantage to using new software users hesitate to do so.

In terms of functionality Facebook responds much faster. Google lags considerably at times. Gmail is even worse. Connecting the two was a poor tactical decision, but it is far from destroying Google +. This is not a deprecation....and perhaps it will function better on the servers as a separate entity.  I am not an expert on  YouTube, but it does not depend upon Google or Google + for it's use. It became 'famous' on it's own strength.  Google did stimulate it's use by connecting the log in to Google +

The 4th of July

So what is it about Google +that seems to turn off social media fans?  It is too complicated for social media users who want to communicate with their friends.  It has a long learning curve, and too many segments, communities, collections, notifications, and more. It is confusing where to find your friends.

Google hangouts was a fresh addition, but it too shot itself in the foot by being release too early. It seemed each week there was a new feature...toolbox, messaging, an inconsisten and poor response or even no response to hangout  invites. The events tab was unusalbe,many events did not even disiplay until they were over. Hangout were a bit too intimate until one had developed friends.  It was a forum for adults, not teenagers.  Google presented new opportunities for professionals such as physicians to broadcast surgery for the operating room.

I will place my bets on Google
But then Again I usually lose my bets

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